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Understand Teenage Room Design Ideas Before You Regret

Children aged from thirteen to nineteenth are teenagers. They’re neither young nor adult. Teenage may be a glorious period. It’s a time full of dreams and aspirations, unaffected by discouragement. The lifetime of teenagers holds many challenges but these years are often mentioned the best in one’s life because the stress that comes with them is usually overlooked. Teenagers have different activities consuming their time with a heavy school load and an even busier social media schedule.

Anyone who has a teenager knows that their children spend a lot of time in their bedroom so they need a space to call their own, to develop their independence and to discover who they are, what they like and what they fantasise about for them one has to design the room accordingly where he/she can find some peace, quiet and stress-free environment which helps in emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

So, here we found a perfect solution to update your teen bedroom with Apex Painting Group.

  1. Striking Colour Schemes: – Teenager adores color, let them pick out bright colors of their favourite items. Adding a fresh coat of paint is also a simple teen room décor idea that will completely transform their bedroom. If your teen wants more color on the walls, paint the trim in a bold color or go with a vibrant accent wall.
  2. Unique and creative decoration: – With innovative and trendy decoration ideas, keep room décor simple, invest in classic staples first, then add a pop of color with art work and accessories, use trendy wallpaper, get few low maintenance plants with stylish vases, frame posters and flags that highlights their favourites. Choose the things that are as special as your children are.
  3. Make Studying More Appealing: – Make a homework zone for your teen. Desks should have enough space for homework and textbooks to be spread out. For late-night studies, a desk lamp and a comfy chair will be necessary.
  4. Choose Double Duty Furniture: – Make sure to design a space that can grow with the individual by choosing furniture that is both stylish and functional. Like you can hang Television on the wall rather than putting it on a dresser or stand, seasonal clothing should be stored under the bed and wall mounted shelving should be used instead of standalone bookcases. Such storage benches, ottomans, and baskets are an example of double-duty furniture which will keep your teen room organise and clutter-free.
  5. Make good use of fifth wall: – Remember the roof wall as well, this is an excellent place for your children to let loose. Paint a pleasant pattern on the ceiling to give it a unique look to a special bedroom or use poster wallpapers, or even glow-in-the-dark stars are great options for making the bedroom ceiling an interesting and personality-filled feature.
  6. Set up Hangout Spot: – It’s possible that your teenager wants a relaxing environment where he/she can hang out with their friends so keep things cool and comfortable for them by adding a small couch, bean bag chairs, swing chair, a guitar, small music system where they can enjoy chit chat session comfortably.
  7. Set up strategic lighting: – Lighting diversification can quickly turn a basic bedroom into a stylish teen room. Set some decorative colored lights, paper lantern lights on the fifth wall of the room, or put a modern floor lamp and most important include a desk lamp during study for your teen.
  8. Keep it light and casual: – Not every teenager adores bright colors accept this and design accordingly. Decorate as per their interest some teenagers take interest in adventures and automobile while some are pet lover and nature lover so they need space accordingly. Let make them free soul and help them in creating a bedroom they feel at home in.

In Bottom Line

Whatever your teen’s style is, these bedroom ideas will help them create a space they will enjoy. Keep your children involved at the time of designing. Designing teenage rooms should empower them to learn how to grow and how to play.

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