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The Only Interior Door Painting Guide You’ll Ever Need

The front door is often the most noticeable feature of a house’s exterior – A door is the first thing guests notice when they come home and it’s the last thing they think about after they’ve left. Doors are very much used and abused. Interior Door Painting is an easy way to increase your experience brighten your rooms.

Here are few pointers to consider before painting a door and achieve a perfect finish.

  • Essential Tools and Equipment required for Interior Door Painting: – Aside from paint there are few things you’ll need to compare your door painting job
    1. Painter Tape or Rubber Cement, Magic Eraser.
    2. Wood Filler, Sand Paper, Door Cleaning Solution (TSP).
    3. Foam Roller, Angled Brushes.
  • Prepare the Door: – Every paint work’s success always begins with good preparation work and so the successful way to paint an interior door is to remove the knobs, plates, and lock system, place them in clearly labeled bags so you know where to put each one when it’s time to put them back on, cover up with painter’s tape if you don’t want to remove the hardware. Also, check the condition of the door, clean it up with Trisodium Phosphate, use putty to fill holes and gaps, and conceal the set areas, by using a good primer.
  • Suggestions for Painting Door:- Determine whether the door needs to be primed before painting. If the door is originally latex coated then priming is not necessary but if it oil-based paint then priming is essential. When painting wood doors, make sure to cover all six sides to prevent rotting and cracking due to expansion. Cover it with a wood sealant, to prevent moisture from entering the wood if you leave the underside unpainted. Any moisture causes the wood to warp and swell, resulting in a door that does not close properly. In case if you need a second coat, sand the door slightly and wipe it off before painting again.
  • Color Selection: – Search for your favourite paint color but the main is how are you determining what color to paint doors inside? I think you have to look at your main painting color, furnishing, and trim color and then decide what color will go with all of this. It could be black, grey, daubed, or some blue shade or something totally new. So, choose wisely as painting the interior door is a way to distinguish your home from the crowd and give it a different feeling.
  • Paint:- Now comes to painting. Apply the paint evenly and widely around the floor surface. Apply two coats, let the paint dry completely between the coat. Put back the tool and enjoy your hard work when the doors have been painted and dry.

Painting your interior doors is a quick and easy way to update the look of your home’s interior. Simply painting your interior doors can completely transform the appearance of your home. Bring them to life, highlight architectural details, or make a doorless noticeable. Go dark with the paint, or take it to the next level with a bold or deep color.

Tell Us: Have you painted your house’s interior doors a bright new color? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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