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What is a Paintable Caulk and How Does It Work?

The caulk adheres to paintable surfaces and allows you to paint over the caulk for a smooth, seamless appearance.

The Proper Way to Use a Paintable Caulk.

Make sure you always apply caulk, no matter what you do. To have a great paint job, you must pay a little more money and have to do a little extra work. If your trim has already been painted prior to installation, we still recommend painting the caulk bead for the best-looking finish. Searching for a color-matched caulk in our experience is not worthwhile because of the expense and hassle involved.

Paintable caulk can be used for countless things.

Paintable caulk is particularly well suited for indoor projects where wear and tear will be minimal. If the caulk is exposed to the elements, it may crack and become brittle over time. The use of silicone-based products is preferable when working on outdoor projects because they are more resistant to the effects of the weather.

Is It Possible to Use a Paintable Caulk Outside?

Caulk is a combination of silicone (for use outdoors) and acrylic (for use indoors and paintable) is referred to as siliconized acrylic-latex caulk. These caulks are somewhat moisture resistant and can be painted or left unpainted, and they are available in a variety of colors and textures. It is, however, for water and moisture-resistant project that 100% silicone caulk is required. Silicone caulk cannot be painted without using a primer.

Apex Painting’s professionals primarily use siliconized acrylic-latex caulk for both interior and exterior projects. The caulk with a higher price tag holds better, stays in place longer, and is more flexible.

Because 100% exterior silicone caulk cannot be painted, look for one that will blend in with the color of your exterior paint. When in doubt, “white” silicone caulk is always a safe bet. If you’ve already caulked the house with 100% silicone caulk, you’ll need to prime it if you want to paint over it. To avoid this issue entirely, use an exterior siliconized acrylic-latex caulk and paint over it to match.

Providing high-quality professional painting services.

Now that you’ve completed all of your caulking, do you require assistance painting? Apex Painting has a team of professional painters who can handle all of your interior and exterior painting needs. Call us today at (239)-878-3710 or submit an online request for a free estimate.

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