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Things to do before Painting Professional arrives in Florida’s Homes

After spending the last year and a half at home, you’ve decided that the exterior of your house could use a fresh coat of paint. You’re not up for this Herculean task, so you hire a house painting contractor to complete it for you.

However, when you book the team to come and paint, they provide you with a checklist of preparation tasks. Aren’t you hiring them to take care of everything? Are these recommendations for preparing your house for painting truly necessary? Here are the preparations you should take as an owner before the crew’s arrival and why they are necessary.


If your sprinkler system is put on a timer, check that it is turned off before the painting crew comes to begin outside painting. They are likely to want to become completely absorbed, and you certainly do not want stains or streaks in the final paint finish.


Do you paint the outside of your home with flower pots or ornaments? Toys, patio furniture, and a grill should all be positioned close to your home. In order for the painting team to get to work quickly, all of these items must be removed from the workspace. If they don’t, you’ll have to pay them to do it on your behalf. Additionally, despite the fact that the team will take every precaution, there is no guarantee that your valuables will be destroyed free of charge.


The painting crew may be eager to meet your dog or other pet, but animals sometimes get in the way. If you have pets, make sure they are secured in another room or inside the house so that your pet does not unintentionally escape or become a distraction to the team. Also, be sure to clean up any messes your pet may have made in the work area before the painters arrive, or they could step in them.


Maybe you’re thinking you don’t want to work before the painters arrive. But that might be a costly blunder. Taking these basic measures ahead of time can simplify the procedure and save you money. Or you may end up with less-than-perfect results.

Preparing your house for exterior painting doesn’t take long. Preparation saves money and ensures that the outside of your home is as lovely as you planned.


Apex Painting has been transforming homeowners’ interior design fantasies into reality since 2013. While we handle the stages such as power washing the exteriors, sealing cracks, and cleaning up afterward, the Apex Painting team urges homeowners to complete these preparatory tasks in order to make the most optimal use of their available time. Furthermore, we are more than willing to provide in-person estimates, which are significantly more accurate than the estimates you may receive from other companies over the phone. You may find out more about the Apex Painting difference by getting in touch with our Customer Care department!

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