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Repainting Walls: Clever Ways

They say nothing lasts forever and this saying holds for the paint on your walls because old walls gather dust and as time passes the condition of the paint on your walls will show signs of damage. Or sometimes it may be just because as the time passes the painted wall and surface don’t give the feeling of freshness because of some due maintenance work which your premises require. Whatever the reason may be, the common question that always comes to one’s mind is Can I paint over paint? Of Course, you can paint over paint and it’s quite simple to paint over the old color quickly and easily with a few tricks.

Inspection and Repairing of Walls:- This step is very important in accomplishing a dream look. You need to check the surface of your wall before repainting. In surface check, we should clear seepage, dirt oil, holes, cracks, strain, etc. Fill any holes and cracks with a suitable filler and properly prepare your exterior walls by using various equipment like cloth, sandpaper, seepage plaster, and blades. Cover the defective surface with sanding and apply putty to fill the gaps of the needle, TV wall mount, AC mount, cracks on surfaces, and patches. After 3-4 hours do another round of Sanding, this helps to level the surface.

Material Purchase:- Don’t cheap out on paint and brushes, purchase the best brushes you can afford. Buying the best quality paint that fits your budget is a smart long-term investment. You also need equipment like Ladders, Rollers, Sandpaper, Brushes during the painting process and with these tools, the whole painting job will go quicker and easier and looks better in the end.

Find Good Primer:- Priming is best. Depending upon the condition of the Walls you have to do one or two coats of primer. It ensures that your new color is lively and flawless and it will also veil discoloration. If you have to do paint with similar color and walls are in good condition then probably you don’t need the primer but in case of bad conditions of walls, your best bet is to use a good layer of primer to provide a smooth, consistent base of layer for the colored paint.

And if your current paint is extremely dark/bright and you want to paint in the opposite shade then you might need 2-3 coats of primer to cover the old color.

I suggest using an oil-based primer for, particularly discolored and flawed walls. Nowadays, paints are available with “built-in” primers which work nicely.

Protect Furniture:- While painting rooms don’t carry all the furniture out of the room. Rather, push all the furnishings into the center of the room and then cover it with a plastic chair and tape at the top this will cover and protect the furniture from paint dripping and all the dust.

In the end…..

Painting your home is not always an easy job. House needs maintenance from time to time and we hope that these above hacks will break down a few common situations and provide simple solutions to help you in repainting your walls, either they were in good condition or bad condition with opposite color paints.

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