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Pro tips for painting straight lines

Nothing distinguishes professional painters from inexperienced painters more than the quality of their lines. While an inexperienced painter can struggle to achieve perfectly straight lines on the ceiling or baseboard, professional painters are able to do so every time. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to start a painting project or brush up on your skills.

It is not necessary to spend all day learning how to paint a straight line. Here are few pointers to help you build flawless painting lines for perfect edges.

Apply with an angled brush:- If you’re trying to paint a straight line with a brush, make sure it’s an angled brush. Angle brushes would not be able to build the same straight line as round-tip brushes.

Don’t overfill the brush with paint:- If you’re just using an angle brush, don’t overfill it with paint because there’s no way to stop it from running.

Draw the lines:- The brush alone can lead to disastrous squiggly lines without a baseboard, a ceiling, and another reference line. Rather than winging it, lightly draw the line with a ruler or yardstick.

With the angled brush, carefully paint along the line. When you’ve finished painting and the paint has dried, carefully remove any clear pencil marks with an eraser.

Make use of an edger:- Edger is another tool in your painting toolkit. Using an edger is an excellent way for a 90-degree angle to be cut in. Simply paint the square pad and drive the edger’s wheels over the surface to use an edger.

Maintain the edge clean:- When using an Edger, it’s important to make sure the wheels aren’t covered in paint. This means you must be careful not to apply too much paint to the edger to avoid dripping.

Make use of Painter’s Shield:- A paint shield is your best friend while spraying paint on a wall. Though you’ll always have to cut in before spraying, a shield will protect your lines from overspray

Do proper Masking:- Use the final tool in your toolkit i.e painter’ tape, to properly cover your work. Although it requires some setting up, painter’s tape is the most efficient method for painters to draw straight lines.

Get right with bright light:- To paint a precise line, your body needs to be in a position to clearly see the line and to have bright light. You can use a headlamp for this and it really helps. Get your head next to the ceiling while cutting in along the ceiling for the best view of the cut in line.

Allow time to paint for dry:- Allowing the paint to dry completely before removing the tape is a vital tip when using painter’s tape to create straight lines. The tape can not remove cleanly while the paint is still wet, possibly tearing off parts of the paint with it.

Check your job twice:- Perhaps the main step you can take is to twice check your work. If the line or edge you’re working on isn’t as crisp as you’d hoped, try again.

Going back to redo work can be frustrating, but touch-ups are also an essential part of the painting process.

Quality touch-ups are the difference between amateur and professional.

In the end……

With these simple tips and tricks, you can paint straight lines in no time!

Still, concerned that your lines won’t be perfect? Allow the experts to take over!

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