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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Work

Kitchens aren’t just about beautiful cabinets and a brilliant backsplash. Incorporate these thoughtful suggestions into your kitchen remodeling plans to create a space that is both functional and comfortable to work and live in.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare:- The planning stage of your kitchen remodel should take longer than the construction phase. If you plan carefully, you can minimize the amount of time you are inconvenienced by construction mayhem. Also, you’ll stick to your budget.

Planning in advance is key when it comes to kitchen remodeling; otherwise, you will end up changing your mind while construction is underway and requesting change orders, which will both increase construction costs and negatively impact your ROI.

Make all of your design decisions in advance:- Making a design choice on the fly may lead to making an ineffective, costly, or even both. By way of illustration, I had not given much care to my bookcases located in the corner of the room. I was unaware of the type of wood and/or brackets, and it was necessary to bring in a second contractor to stain them. Because we had arrived at the point where my refurbishment was at its breaking point, we agreed to “whatever works.” To my surprise, however, we were given a very significant and unexpected line item on the cost. Keep the contractor from selecting items for you. The contractor has the same motives for making this decision as you do.

Plumbing Examination:- Determine how much of the existing plumbing can be reused and whether any new plumbing lines need to be added when planning your kitchen renovation. Engage a professional to conduct a comprehensive plumbing inspection of your home. This can assist in identifying and resolving issues before they become huge headaches and halting your renovation project before it begins. By evaluating all plumbing—behind the walls, beneath the floors, and through the concrete foundation—plumbing professionals can determine whether your pipes only need cleaning, whether broken pipes must be replaced, or whether new pipes must be put in. As your kitchen renovation progresses, ensuring that you have the proper plumbing will save you time and money.

Maintain a high standard of quality:- Once the plumbing is in good repair, you may decide which appliances to replace. A well-maintained kitchen may not require all appliances to be updated, but there are benefits to replacing some. Modern machines are frequently quieter and more energy efficient. Plus, smart appliances offer capabilities and functionality not available a few years ago. Managing and servicing big appliances has never been easier or more convenient. In addition to replacing your dishwasher and garburator, a hot water dispenser may make cooking and cleaning easier.

Double up space:- If a second microwave oven is installed together with a mini-fridge or refrigerator drawer, it is possible to keep guests and family members in the kitchen while still keeping them out of the cook’s path. A bar with chairs can be used as an after-school hangout for children as well as a gathering location for guests attending a dinner party.

Maintain open communication with your remodelers:- If you want to stay on budget, make sure you build a strong report with your project manager or construction team. To keep the sweetness in your project, follow these steps:

Drop by the project during work hours to see how it’s progressing:- Your physical presence communicated your commitment to excellence.

Develop a consistent method of communication:- Install a message board on-site for daily communication between you and the project manager. Substitutes and team leaders should have your email address and cell phone number.

Create a set of house rules and treat everyone with respect:- Make it clear about smoking, the volume of boom boxes, the availability of restrooms, and appropriate parking. Provide refreshments, commend them when appropriate, and refrain from interrupting them with conversation, jokes, and questions while they are working. They will perform better if they are given time to rest and allow themselves to concentrate on their work.

Increase storage, not square footage:- While storage will never go out of style, if you’re working with a limited footprint, here are a few ideas for expanding it.

Reach up to the ceiling for cabinetry:- While they are more expensive and may require a stepladder, you will gain valuable storage space for Christmas platters and other seasonal items. Not only will you not have to dust the tops of cabinets, you won’t have to clean either.

Put it up:- Make use of empty wall space and inside cabinet doors to store small items like aprons, mops, and stockpots.

Finally, the last tip to help keep your frustration level low during construction: include ideas for a temporary kitchen with your new kitchen blueprints. You’ll be happier (and less frustrated) if you have a plan for dinner during construction.

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