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Christmas Wall Color Schemes

Even though red, green, gold, and silver are the most popular Christmas color schemes, any shade can be used to create a festively decorated home. To make your home look as festive as possible, draw inspiration from several sources and then apply the scheme throughout your entire property.

When choosing color schemes, keep in mind that colors with similar vibrancy and color depth support one another. Pastel colors like pink, peach, butter yellow, baby blue, lavender, and mint green mix easily with other colors, whereas navy blue, hunter green, and deep red go well with deep jewel tones. Pastel and jewel tones combine well with crystals and white, and ivory and metallic tones such as gold and silver go well with practically any color (as does iron, brass, and silver).

All White Christmas:- To make your holiday season even more remarkable, use this beautiful seasonal color scheme no matter where you are.

Incorporating various tones, from pure white to soft off-white and dove gray, with a few silver and gold accessories can give your Christmas home decor a refined charm.

Ribbons, bows, textured or metallic tree ornaments, and white-hued Christmas decorations are all popular choices for holiday decor.

White paired with red

Together with green, white, and red are two of the classic Christmas hues. If you omit or substitute the latter, you’ll end up with a truly unique Christmas decor in cheery red and delicate white.

From white artificial Christmas trees decorated with vibrant red ornaments, ribbons, and bows, to ‘frosted’ Christmas wreaths adorned with red berries and British tartan, and white-and-red patterned or polka dot wrapping paper for Christmas presents, this white and red color combination will infuse your home with a fresh, festive look this Christmas.

Green + White

This is another color combination that is derived from the classic Christmas color schemes by omitting one of the usual colors.

This time, you can remove the red for a softer, more natural effect. This way, you can have a lush green Christmas tree that, due to its natural beauty, will steal the show.’ And it won’t even require much embellishment! A few white baubles will suffice.

Blue + White

True, this color combination isn’t Christmas-y. Don’t forget that it is a classic!

Why not have a stylish Christmas in black and white?! In addition to being unique, you can make your Christmas decor interesting by presenting it in various ways.

Get a white artificial tree. It’s an eco-friendly solution with a spectacular aesthetic!

And since it’s all about breaking traditions, decorate it with non-traditional black ornaments like large letters made of light wood or even cardboard. Or decorate the tree with a spiral of black ornaments and garlands. A lovely effect!

White + Brown

This year’s fashionable Christmas color scheme is rustic, with natural soft brown and crisp white.

Decorate with white ornaments made of natural materials, such as yarn pompoms, paper balls, white sprayed brown pine cones, etc.

Tie Christmas presents with burlap or brown paper (or even recycled paper!).

Sprinkle it with gold for a festive feel. Christmas!

Green+ Brown Together

This color scheme is heavily influenced by nature, and it creates a relaxing and rustic ambiance with its earthy tones.

The focus of your Christmas decor should be a natural Christmas tree, with ornaments and other decorations following the natural theme in both material and style.

Orange + Green

Strange, yet such a bright and cheerful color scheme! Not to mention exotic, wouldn’t you agree!

When decked with orange ornaments, small branches with orange berries, and gold-orange garlands, your green Christmas tree and wreaths will glow.

Wrapping paper, too, might be included in the color scheme. Wrap the Christmas presents with all-green or all-orange/gold paper, or in orange and green or orange and gold designs. Add a final touch with ribbons and bows in either hue.

Pink + Green

A lovely color combo for the kids’ Christmas decorations. It will spark your child’s imagination and transport them to colorful fantasy worlds.

Use exotic design wrapping paper for gifts and decorations for the youngsters. Better yet, get the kids involved! It’ll be a hit!

Blue + Green

This theme is excellent for the tasty Christmas candy!

This light and airy color scheme are ideal for adding a festive touch to beach houses and cottages during the holidays.

Overall, the nautical concept is well-matched, but it also evokes images of the limitless winter sky and the freezing fog with its deep blue hues.

Purple + Blue

The bold and colorful color palette introduces a Christmas decor in a startling style that straddles French rococo and Venice’s Carnival.

In darker shades, these colors create a velvety atmosphere reminiscent of a mysterious starry night, which is perfectly in keeping with the Holy Night spirit of the holidays.

However, when applied in lighter colors and shades, they add a flamboyant thrill that complements the festive atmosphere of New Year’s Eve parties and carnivals.


Surprisingly, this color combination evokes a classic Christmas vibe.

With candy-pink ornaments, vintage silver or galvanized metal items can hold and show Christmas decorations.

Choose an artificial Christmas tree in either faux silver or false pink, richly decked with pink and silver decorations.

Silver in combination with gold

Metallic and color tints may appear too cold and impersonal for Christmas decor, but their wonderful neutrality allows them to be mixed and matched with any color, texture, or other material.

Additionally, they complement any other decor style well!

On the other hand, gold and silver are the colors of splendor, lavishness, and richness.

To have these in your home, make your Christmas sparkle with gold and silver this year.


Multicolor connotes enjoyment, joy, happiness, and a good time…

And isn’t that what a family Christmas is all about?!

No other holiday season delivers as much joy and festive spirit as Christmas, so why not show your joy this year with a joyful multicolor Christmas decoration?


A Christmas ornament in shades of a color that progressively fades from light to dark is a delightful and unique idea.

This exquisite color theme on the Christmas tree will set the color palette for the festive home decor.


With the inherent elegance of the hues of the rainbow, this is another lively color combination.

You may display the entire rainbow spectrum or just a few hues with Christmas decorations.

In either case, Merry Christmas!

Decorating Your Entire Home

Once you’ve chosen a color scheme, carry it through all adjoining rooms to create a sense of continuity and harmony. Avoid decorating one area with silver and white icicles and another with rustic twigs and calico ornaments. Rather than that, attempt to replicate the primary decorating colors in each room. The decorations do not have to be similar; instead, utilize decorations that incorporate multiple colors. Then, utilize one of the primary colors in one room, another in an adjacent room, and the third in a third room. Utilize a common garland or beautiful ribbons to connect the spaces.

Additionally, get inspiration from your existing decorating style. If your home is furnished in black, white, and chrome, avoid attempting to create a rustic feel with twigs and birds nests. Maintain the minimalist appearance by focusing on the room as-is using silver, white, glitter, and crystals. On the other hand, if your home is adorned in warm, vibrant tones, avoid using silver and white Christmas decorations to make it appear sleek and stylish. Decide on colors for the Christmas decor based on the decoration plan.

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